Movie night snacks for a cosy and cool night with Pulp Fiction

Want to have a night of suspense, drama and killer dialogue? Look no further than Tarantino’s 1994 classic Pulp Fiction. When you absolutely, positively need to bring a smile to everyone in the room, this is the way to go.

You can get prepared for a movie like this by driving around Los Angeles for a while, or better yet, why not make these special Pulp Fiction inspired Royale with Cheese sliders with Castello® Extra Matured Cheddar to keep you guests ready for the cinematic rollercoaster. That take no time at all, but bring all the cool of the valley to your living room. And don’t forget a Five Dollar milk shake for that authentic diner feel.

The iconic Pulp Fiction is all about dialogue – and especially chatting over meals. So, to create the best setting for this movie night, you have to go for the classic American comfort food and 1950’s inspired diner scene. It’s all about the burger, milkshakes, pies and pancakes, so those Castello® Extra Matured Cheddar cheese sliders will be the perfect match for night of classic crime, drama and laughs.

The soundtrack is almost as epic as the film itself, so warm up to the big screening with these amazing classics song. And if you feel up for it, why not go for a proper dance-off before sitting back comfortably in the sofa. If you’re guest are up for it, make sure the dress code is true to Vince and Jules with black suits and white button-down shirts ­– it doesn’t get more authentic than that. All you need to do now is grab a shake, break out the ketchup (or mayo if you’re feeling a little Dutch) and remember to stay as cool as everyone in the movie. 

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