Dive into easy to make movie night snacks inspired by The Lord of the Rings

Transport your friends and family to a world of wizards, hobbits and dragons with The Lord of the Rings. From the fantastic landscapes throughout Middle-earth to amazing characters and even more amazing costumes – this movie will surely take you to another fanciful world.

There are many ways to delve deep into the J.R. Tolkien story of golems, wizards, hobbits, orcs and dwarves, such as trying to cook up Hobbit approved treats like Cram and Honey-Cake. Of course, as they’re fictional they’re unlikely to keep your troupe of friends seated throughout the three-hour epic. That’s why we created these easy to make, The Lord of the Rings inspired snacks with Castello.

Simply take a few minutes to make these delectable Lord of the honey apple rings with walnuts and precious Castello® Creamy White topping, and you can be sure your fellowship of friends will always be back for another movie night.

With so many fantastic worlds and landscapes throughout this double-length movie, costumes are almost a must have for this movie night. The great thing is, you have plenty of fanciful characters to choose from. And if your friends are not into dress-up, a Lord of the Rings quiz will surely challenge their true Middle-earth trivia knowledge.

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