Get your snacks ready for a movie night with The Dark Knight!

Why so serious? A night with friends can be fun, even when the drama is a dark as Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the Batman story. Just make sure to have plenty of delicious snacks for a movie night with the Dark Knight in mythical Gotham City.

You won’t be short of villains and action with this dark depiction of Batman as he once again fights injustice in Gotham City in The Dark Knight. To be sure you and your friends dive into the movie, you could don some face paint and set fire to a skyscraper. But we think your guests would rather enjoy our The Dark Knight inspired tangy Castello® Danablu dip with crispy beet chips. The dark and the light, together. As inevitable as The Joker and The Batman. But much tastier.

Make sure to have dimmed lights to stay in this dark and mystical universe. If you’re going all in, you will obviously need a cape and a mask – perhaps even some white face paint in tribute to Heath Ledgers fantastic portrayal of The Joker. But no one expects you to watch the movie upside-down in true Batman style. All you need to do now is take a seat, treat yourself and guests to a delicious inspired snack and enjoy seeing a better class of criminals being chased by the hero Gotham deserves. 


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