Get everyone together for a huge Italian feast and one the greatest movies of all time. It’s time to enjoy an evening full of crime, gangsters and drama with Francis Ford Coppola’s ultimate American mafia classic, The Godfather.

Family, friends and loved ones won’t help but be gripped by the first of this story of the 1974 crime family saga The Godfather. The only thing you’re in danger of when putting on this movie – is that you get hooked and end up watching the entire trilogy in one sitting. To get in the mood of this deep Sicilian family drama, you could go full Italian with white tablecloth, olive oil, fresh bread, lasagne, spaghetti meatballs, antipasto salad and cannoli’s. But that could get a bit messy in front of the TV and on the white table cloth, so we’ve created this Beef Carpaccio with Castello® Aged Havarti recipe that’s quick, easy and delicious ensuring your guests dive deep into the world of The Godfather, without you needing to wash too many dishes afterwards. 

While you’re snacking away on Italian delights, make sure to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening – especially if you end up watching all three Godfather movies. There are so many epic quotes and scenes throughout The Godfather. So, a movie quiz is a must have. From naming all the members of the Corleone family, to guessing who said which famous quotes or fun trivia – you’ll be entertained way beyond this double-length film.


So, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” and get comfy with your guests, pop open a bottle of wine and gesticulate freely throughout. And with the snacks you’ve prepared, it’s an offer they certainly won’t be able to refuse.

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