Creative ideas for an unexpected date

Creating a romantic moment is not about how much money you spend or how exotic the location is. It’s about creating a unique moment at an unexpected time – making that extra little effort, when the special person in your life least expects it.

Ideas for an unexpected date at home

Sometimes the best dates are the ones you least expect, and what could be more unforeseen than transforming your home, and creating that perfect setting for a romantic evening for two.

Magical indoor tent

Create an intimate space for a magical and romantic evening at home with a DIY tent in your living room. It’s easy to make, and will set that romantic scene straight away. All you need is:

  • A couple of sheets
  • Some string
  • Ceiling light or string lights
  • Blankets and pillows

Bring together the ends of the sheets and tie the string around. Fix the string to a ceiling light or a hook in the ceiling. Cover the floor with a blanket, get out plenty of pillows and make sure to create simple food, that’s easy to enjoy when you’re all snuggled up on the floor. See how to build a romantic tent here:

Romantic treasure hunt 

Nothing beats the thrill of a surprise or a romantic treasure hunt. Create a trail of snacky clues throughout your home, that leads to your secret date spot. Even if the treasure is as simple as a delicious dinner, the thrill of figuring out the clues will definitely be fun and elevate the moment of surprise, when you reveal a tasty dinner.

Candle lit dinner

Romance isn’t always about the grand gesture, you can just as well sweep someone off their feet with the simplest bit of care, like a candle lit dinner. Create that intimate and romantic mood with lots of candles – guaranteed to bring the wow-effect, and challenge your loved ones’ senses and taste buds with a tasty finger food only dinner instead of a traditional 3-course menu.

Ideas for a surprising date out of home

A small escape during the week can be spontaneous and easy to plan. Nothing more required than a bit of imagination and tasty food to bring, when you plan a romantic date out of home.

Perfect picnic date

Start early and fill your backpacks with goodies to cook in the open. A nearby park, lake, forest or beach can be the perfect setting for that romantic moment. And if you’re feeling very outdoorsy, suggest a small hike to get to go up and above to a setting with a breath-taking view. Bring pillows, blankets and plenty of savoury goodies that you can cook together and enjoy in the open. Get inspired by some of our picnic recipes.

Romantic ride

Play on the element of surprise by inviting your loved one for a road trip, without revealing the destination. Pack your car with blankets and delicious food and drive off to your nearest green sweet spot. No need to go full picnic and sit on the ground. Instead roll out the blanket and enjoy your tasty treats from the trunk or the backseat of the car.

Elevated date

Look up and find that rooftop or scenic viewpoint that can elevate the romantic experience. Bring some easy tapas, crispy bread, pesto and savoury cheese that you can nibble on throughout this unforgettable night under the stars.


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