DIY ideas to be prepared for a spontaneous Garden Party

It’s summer and that means it’s the perfect time for a spontaneous garden party. You never know when you’ll have friends over for fun in the sun, so here’s a guide on what you’ll need packed away in order to relax when hosting.

1. Light it up

When it comes to garden party decorations nothing says summertime relaxation like festival lights and outdoor torches. As evening dawns, they come into their own creating a sense conversation inducing intimacy. Place them around 3-4 feet apart to define the perimeter whilst illuminating the garden. Add outdoor torches for a little extra outdoor party decoration ‘magic’.

2. Play on!

It’s important to have a few garden party games ready to ease guests into the afternoon. We would suggest the light seasonal playfulness of badminton though even the simple brilliance of a Bocce set, the classic delight of croquet or a light game of cards never fails get things warmed up.

3. The thing about tableware

Make sure your outside eating area is as personal as it is inside. Spice the outdoor party decorations up by wrapping recyclable wooden spoons and forks in evocatively patterned napkins or placing them in jars for that authentic BBQ feeling. The great thing? You always have cutlery ready to put on the table when your guests arrive! If you’re worried about your fine china, no sweat! Different vintage plates will give your garden party a much more authentic and relaxed feel.  

4. Kitchen Towels

The one thing BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs and more all have in common is the delicious messiness of it all. Be sure to have kitchen towels visible for those times that a beautiful napkin just won’t do.

5. Glassware vs. paper cups

It’s always worth having a small selection of glassware for bubbly ready for when a small number of friends and family knock on the door. With that said, sometimes it’s wiser (and easier) to have a supply of small paper cups tucked away for the larger events.

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