It goes without saying that there’s nothing better than getting loved ones together and enjoying the best that entertainment has to offer. Be that watching the big game, gathering everyone to binge watch your favourite HBO shows or Netflix series or simply settling in for the night to see who makes it to the next round of The Voice. Enjoying these moments is great, but they’re always better when you’re together with loved ones and enjoy delicious snacks. With that in mind, here’s a little inspiration to make the most of your next TV viewing party.


There are lots of great viewing party opportunities to get your nearest and dearest together. It could be getting your girlfriends together to savour the dramatic thrills of Orange Is the New Black, you and your partner settling down to a night of binge-viewing the second season of Stranger Things or even watching your favourite sports, talent show or an award show like the Academy Awards or Emmys. One thing that’s key, is to make sure it’s as delicious as it can be. You can’t ensure that your personal heroes will win the day, but you can make sure that every time you extend an invitation, everyone will say ‘yes’! No matter whether you have a date in the diary well in advance or simply decide to have an impromptu gathering, a few simple steps will make the night as special as it can be. And with tasty and easy snacks you’re well on your way to a great TV viewing party. 

Get inspiration for savoury snacks for your next sports TV-night

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Cozy up with tasty snacks for a binge-watching party 


To be able to keep the emotions high throughout an evening of high drama, it’s important to keep everyone well fuelled. Naturally there’s no better way of doing that than with elevated snacks that both make the TV viewing party feel right, whilst also leaving your own stamp on it. Get inspiration from our collection of snacks, bites and finger foods that are delectable, easy to prepare and guaranteed to keep your attendees fired up all night! From Spicy Tapas sticks to Hawaiian Hot Rolls, your snack selection is sorted.