Four savoury snacks for a memorable sports TV night

Getting your friends together for a shared love of sports is the best way to watch a match, game or fight. With everyone cheering and sharing the thrill and excitement of the game there’ll be plenty of reasons to enjoy some savoury snacks.

Whether it’s the rush of the Winter Olympics, the heady buzz of the Super Bowl or watching your team work their way through the FIFA World Cup, it’s as exciting as it is enjoyable to share the experience with friends. It’s time to take your sporting gatherings to the next level with these easy recipes for your next watching party. Keep the spirit and energy high with easy to make cheese snacks.

From the spicy finger food brilliance of spicy jalapeño Taquitos with Castello® Extra Mature Cheddar to the finger licking BBQ brilliance of Buffalo wings with moreish Danablu cheese dip, you can be certain it’s going to be a sports night to remember. Just be prepared for everyone wanting a second round of snacks when we get to halftime.

Buffalo Wings with Danish Blue cheese dip 






Taquitos with Castello Extra Mature Cheddar and salsa






Burger blue slider 












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