Tapas Night – the art of small food

Tapas are both tasty and fun as you get to explore lots of small dishes, flavors and combinations. And there’s no need to only do tapas as a dinner party– bring out a se-lection of cheeses and some flavorful accompaniments and you have the perfect setting for a Friday Night dinner – what better way to start your weekend?


Here’s a few ideas for tapas night that will satisfy any craving – pop open a bottle of wine, relax and get in weekend relaxation mode!


Pinchos x Castello Matured Cheddar

Pinchos is a form of finger food and fits perfectly on the tapas table. We topped the crispy garlicky bread slices with the rich and slightly crystalized Castello matured cheddar and matched it with serrano ham and tomato.


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Salsa Romesco x Castello Creamy White

The flavorful salsa romesco is a great match with the mild and milky Castello Creamy White. The vibrant colours and rich flavors makes this combo a true tapas star.


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Apple & Fennel confiture x Castello Creamy Blue

Every tapas table needs a little sweet. This wonderful apple and fennel confit is a heavenly match with the slight saltiness and hoppy bitterness of Castello Creamy Blue.


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