Girls Night In: Good food and good friends

Invite your favorite girlfriends for a Girls Night In and spend some quality time together.

Sharing some delicious food is a great way to socialize and spend some quality time with your best girlfriends. And no need to overcomplicate Girls Night In - keep things casual and relaxing and avoid spending too much time in the kitchen.


Here's a menu that's perfect for a night in with the girls! A tapas-style cheese board is a great conversation starter and something that you can keep snacking on for hours. And with vibrant colors, great taste and different textures there’s something for everyone.


Avocado Bruschetta x Castello Creamy White

Crisp rye bread with the smooth Castello Creamy White and a layer of avocado makes a perfect trio 



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Raspberry Daiquiri Marmalade x Castello Matured Cheddar

 Every girls night in needs a little pink! Raspberries, rum, lime and a little sugar makes the perfect accompaniment for the bold Castello Matured Cheddar. 

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Walnuts in honey x Castello Creamy Blue 

Simplicity reigns in this perfect marriage between Castello Creamy Blue and walnuts in honey. The walnuts have a bit of bitterness and acidity that goes great with the rich and creamy blue cheese. 

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Perfect the evening with delicious cocktails! Check out our cheese and cocktail pairing guide.