15 Gourmet Cheese Burger Recipes

We LOVE burgers and want to share our collection of delicious gourmet burger recipes with you! And yes, they are all topped with cheese. Because every burger deserves cheese!

We enjoy a classic cheese burger but with a passion for cheese we also love to experiment with all the textures and flavors of specialty cheese – from the bold and tangy blue cheeses to the slight crumbly and sweet cheddar cheeses. Check out our collection of juicy cheese burgers below and find your new favorite!

If you’re into the blues

Shake up your burger routines and experiment with the bold and tangy flavors of blue cheese. The Castello Blue cheeses add an extra dimension to your burger and we have lots of great combos for you to try – how about a Blue Cheese Breakfast Burger, a red cabbage street burger or a blue cheese buffalo burger?

1. Cheese burger with blue cheese, chorizo and pickles
Nothing beats a juicy, grilled beef in a soft, buttery bun with cheese and pickles. Try this delicious and spicy beef burger topped with Castello Blue, pickles and chorizo! 



2. Burger blue sliders with red onion-strawberry relish
Simple yet sophisticated blue cheese burger with a red onion and strawberry chutney to complement the salty and bold blue cheese.



3. Ultimate gourmet burger with pork, blue cheese and apple

This gourmet burger is the ideal combination of a juicy pork patty, sweet onions and apple ketchup, spicy chili mayo and crunchy Parma ham.



4. Brisket burgers with blue cheese

The smokiness from the bacon marries perfectly with the blue cheese. Add sweet onions and fresh cucumber salad and you have yourself a winning combination.



5. Lamb burger with aubergine-tomato cream
An explosion of flavors from chili, garlic, cumin, lemon and parsley makes a spicy topping on this lamb burger with bold and tasty blue cheese.







6. Blue cheese burger with red cabbage
Inspired by street food culture and exploring new food here’s a red cabbage and blue cheese street burger.




 7. Blue cheese burger with red onion relish

Unexpected toppings, blue cheese and beef patties made on the grill for a smoky flavor - this is without doubt the ultimate blue cheese burger!



8. Blue cheese burger with tomato shallot jam
Simple and tasty blue cheese burger topped with a flavorful tomato-shallot jam seasoned with lime and salt.




9. Blue cheese breakfast burger 
This Blue Cheese Breakfast Burger is loaded with delicious blue cheese, layered with hash browns, a ground chuck patty, bacon & an egg – sunny side up! It’s everything you love about breakfast, packed on your burger & complimented by the great taste of blue cheese. Heaven on a bun!







 10. Blue buffalo turkey burger

This tropical buffalo blue cheese turkey burger is packed with spicy buffalo flavor and with blue cheese in every bite; it’s like eating a giant buffalo chicken wing, except without the bone. The pineapple brings in just the right amount of sweet, tanginess to stand up to the strong flavors in the burger.








Cheddar Burgers

Castello cheddar cheeses are matured for up to 18 months to give the cheese a unique texture and flavor. It’s strong but sweet and very rich – a perfect match for an indulgent cheese burger.

1. Chicken sliders with chili dip and tomato-salsa
Sometimes the best things come in small packages and this is definitely the case with sliders where the chili dip with ginger, onion and lime adds lots of flavor to the juicy chicken patties.




2. Beef Sliders with cheddar and avocado
These tiny delicacies are filled with bold flavors from Castello Matured Cheddar – strong, sweet and with a lingering aftertaste. Served in good company with hot jalapenos, crisp lettuce, sofburger and creamy avocado and with a drizzle of chili



3. Double Cheddar Cheese Steak Burger
We have upgraded the ground beef patty to a beef tenderloin. And the cheddar cheese and beef tenderloin are the heroes in this burger so we are keeping the accessories to a minimum.



4. Wild game burger with bacon and juniper cream
A delicate gourmet burger made from wild game beef topped with cheddar cheese, juniper cream, fennel and salad.




5. Grilled tuna with avocado and chili cream and salsa fresca 
The spicy avocado dip is a perfect topping on a grilled tuna burger. Serve with salsa fresca.



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