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4 savory breakfasts to start your day

Bread, eggs, fruit and cheese are pretty classic choices for breakfast but maybe you want to shake up your breakfast traditions and tickle your taste buds with some new and fresh twists?

We enjoy lingering over a long breakfast and to mix and match fruits, cheese and condiments to discover new and flavorful combinations. Here are four savory breakfast ideas to give you inspiration for new ways of combining your classic breakfast ingredients.

Sliced apples topped with Aged Havarti, lemon curd and baked almonds

Imagine you are making pizza. Use fresh slices of apples as bottom, lemon curd as your tomato base and then dress up with some Havarti cubes and crispy nuts. A fun, filling and delicious y to start your day! Serve with blueberry juice on the rocks!


Open sandwich with Castello creamy White, fresh apricots and hazelnuts

Even on a busy morning this toasted bread with slices of juicy nectarines or apricots and a drizzle of honey and nuts makes a quick and delicious breakfast. Serve with a creamy café latte.



Omelet with Castello Marquis, mushrooms and fresh thyme

Eggs and cheese make a rich and filling breakfast. Jumpstart your day with an omelet topped with mushrooms, Castello Marquis and fresh thyme. Serve with tomato juice.



Whole grain bread, Castello Aged Gouda and plums

Thick slices of Aged Gouda topped with Plums in Madeira. Serve with fruit tea. A simple and flavorful way to start your day.




Søren Staun

Søren Staun

This article was written by Danish Food Blogger Søren Staun from

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