Fondue with Havarti, white wine and tarragon

1 serving
Fondue with Havarti, white wine and tarragon


1. Place the wine in a saucepan and warm it up to just below the boiling point.

2. Grate the cheese and place in the pan a bit of time. Let the cheese melt before adding more cheese – that way you avoid lumps.

3. When all the cheese has melted, add chopped tarragon and paprika.

4. Put the cheese in a warm bowl and seve with Chorizo, pears, apples, tomatoes and baguette. Or any other of your favorite ingredients.




You might think that fondue is best suited for winter but why not take advantage of all the fresh vegetables and berries that are in season and celebrate the flavors of summer? Invite your friends and family over for a summer gathering and serve a creamy and delicious fondue – you can dip all of your grilling season favorites like meat, fruit and vegetables.