Castello® Golden Red rind cheese

Castello® Golden

A soft, mild cheese with a hint of fruit and slightly salty undertones. The nice golden surface comes from a special red yeast and white mould cultures.

A particular combination of ripening and mould cultures gives Castello Golden the slightly acidic and fruity surface. Castello Golden is creamy, buttery and slightly salty. The taste becomes more mellow and aromatic and surface whiter as the cheese matures. 

Castello Golden is an integral part of any good cheeseboard. It can be enjoyed on bread or crackers and can also be used in delicious sauces or even in soups. 

Nutritional Information

Character Red rind cheese


Whole wheat crackers or sour dough bread with blackcurrant preserves. To get the full taste experience, we recommend taking Castello out of the fridge an hour before serving.
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Jam
  • Riesling
  • Sherry
  • Nuts

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Nutritional Information

  • 326kcal
  • 29g Fat
  • 19g Saturated Fat
  • 0.5g Carbohydrates
  • 0.5g Sugars
  • 14g Proteins
  • - Fibers
  • 1.7g Salt

Made with pasteurised milk.